About Us

We are a group of over 200 people who live and work in and around Godalming, exploring how to live in a more sustainable way in the face of a Climate Emergency, a huge plastic pollution problem and much of our wildlife being threatened with extinction by the way we live now. 

How it Began

It all started just before Easter when a group of us got together on Facebook to talk about what we could do about the Climate Emergency and what our town might be able to do.

Becoming Informed

The first step seemed to be to gather reliable information. Only then could we start to consider what could be done and if there was anything we could do as individuals and as a group.

Here’s what science says about Climate Change.

The Problem with Plastic

We also looked into how our use of plastic was making Climate Change worse and causing big problems for sea creatures and other wildlife.

Blue Planet II and War on Plastic are two recent TV programmes that have highlighted some of the problems.

Find out about Plastic Pollution here.

Threats to Wildlife

Then we heard that many species of insects and other animals were becoming extinct and that the existence of some much loved animals were endangered.

More about this later

What Can We Do?

  • Consume Less of Everything
  • Shrink Our Carbon Footprint
  • Ditch Disposable Plastic
  • Leave Wild Places for Wildlife
  • Work with Local Councillors and Businesses

The philosophy of the Greener Godalming group is that we are all on a journey, both of understanding what problems our modern way of life is causing and also of putting more sustainable changes into practice. We all have different abilities and circumstances, so we won’t all be able to do the same things.

Resources and News

We’ll be letting you know how we get on.

We’ll provide some resources later.

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