Climate Change

Members of Greener Godalming believe that Climate Change is real, that it is largely caused by human activity and that it is already causing serious problems around the world such as flooding, droughts, severe storms and heatwaves.

We believe it’s not too late to stop Global Overheating from becoming irreversible so long as radical change to business as usual happens now. Individuals on their own can’t do enough, although it’s important to make changes to our own lifestyles to show that we are serious and that change is possible, and sometimes more enjoyable.

Godalming Flood, Christmas Day 2013

What is Causing Climate Change?

This is what the NASA website says:

Most climate scientists agree the main cause of the current global warming trend is human expansion of the “greenhouse effect” — warming that results when the atmosphere traps heat radiating from Earth toward space.

Certain gases in the atmosphere block heat from escaping. Long-lived gases that remain semi-permanently in the atmosphere and do not respond physically or chemically to changes in temperature are described as “forcing” climate change. Gases, such as water vapor, which respond physically or chemically to changes in temperature are seen as “feedbacks.”

Find out more, including which gasses contribute to the greenhouse effect by visiting the NASA website

“There is still time to hit the emergency brakes on the damage we are doing to our planet. There is still hope.” – Sir David Attenborough

Here David Attenborough explains the basic facts of Climate Change in 4 minutes.

You might find it helpful to watch the full one hour long BBC programme “Climate Change the Facts” narrated by David Attenborough.

Some people will argue that climate scientists don’t entirely agree that Climate Change is caused by human behaviour or even happening at all. When peer reviewed by other climate scientists any scientific work that appeared to prove Climate Change isn’t real have been found to be based on faulty results.

Planting millions of trees to absorb CO2 from the atmosphere could slow Global Warming a bit, but we have to stop pumping greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere if we really want to stop things getting much worse.

Giving nature a helping hand can help to save us from Climate Breakdown: this video explains how. We have to do much more than that, though.

So what can you or I do?

Many people in the UK and Western Europe are very extravagant. We might not spend all that much money, but most of us buy a lot of food and other stuff and travel a lot by car and plane. All of this produces a lot of greenhouse gasses. The amount of greenhouse gasses we produce is known as our carbon footprint.

Buying less and travelling less would shrink our individual carbon footprints but unless nearly everyone volunteers to do the same too many greenhouse gasses will still be pumped into the atmosphere.

It’s still a great idea to start to shrink your personal carbon footprint but we need the government to help us by making sure there is enough renewable energy to go round and a system of public transport that most people can use to get them to most places. The government will also need to find ways to help people who find it difficult to know what to do or make the right kind of changes and to persuade those people who don’t think it’s important.

You can find out what your carbon footprint looks like here. It’s just a rough guide but it can help you see how you can cut back on those things that produce a lot of CO2 and other greenhouse gasses.

If you live in or near Godalming, Surrey come and join the Greener Godalming Facebook group for advice on reducing your carbon footprint and support from the rest of the group.

Otherwise how about getting together with a friend or neighbour and start a Facebook group or real life community group for people wanting to live in a more sustainable way where you live?

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